Attic and Ceiling Spray Foam Insulation

Spray foam insulation not only works well in walls, it performs exceptionally in both attics and ceilings. Spray foam can be applied to the roof or ceiling deck. Our trained salespersons can help you choose which application type is the best for your project. We have great success with both types of application. By using spray foam insulation in the attic or ceiling, you can keep warm, moist air form escaping from the house and into the attic which can cause condensation on the roof underside. This can also assist in preventing in ice damming during the winter.

Generally, we choose to spray down on the ceiling deck. One of the main factors in choosing which spray foam type to install is to consider the HVAC and ductwork in the attic. If you have a furnace unit or ductwork in the attic, spraying the roof deck may be a better option which would create a conditioned attic. This brings the ductwork or furnace inside the condition space.

attic ceiling with spray foam insulation applied

There have been a lot of opinions regarding spray foam insulation on the underside of the roof deck. You may hear negative things are said about this tactic, like it may rot out the roof deck, make the shingles curl, or that the attic needs to breathe. All of these things can be easily explained away using building science and are simply are not true. Our salespersons, who have been trained in building science, can explain these when we visit your site.

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