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Spray Foam Insulation Services in Kansas City

KC Spray Foam & Coatings, LLC provides spray foam insulation and roof coating services to customers typically within an 80-mile radius of the Kansas City area. Our team of spray foam insulation experts are here to answer any of your questions and guide you through the various spray foam options relevant to your unique requirements.

Types of Spray Foam Insulation Available in Kansas City

Our team of insulation experts understand that both open cell spray foam insultation and closed cell spray foam insultation have their unique pros and cons. Given their individual strengths in various building types and specific applications, our insulation company has chosen to offer both open cell and closed cell spray foam options.

Use the links below to learn more about the various spray foam types. If you are unsure which spray foam type you may need, feel free to contact our spray foam insulation experts.

Spray Foam Insulation Services for Various Applications

Spray foam insulation can be used in nearly every part of your home or commercial building. Additionally, spray foam insulation brings unique benefits over traditional fiberglass insulation including increased energy efficiency of the building, lengthened lifetime of the insulation, and improved insulative barrier which keeps air, moisture, and vapor out of your building.

Whether you are looking to insulate your commercial building, garage, or even a pole barn, spray foam insulation is the superior option.

  • Attic and Ceiling Insulation

    Spray foam insulation works exceptionally well in both attics and ceilings. Note that, unlike traditional fiberglass insulation, spray foam insulation does not need additional support to adhere to the ceiling or roofing. Additionally, spray foam insultation is proven to have superior insulative properties over its fiberglass alternatives leading to reduced utility bills and improved occupants’ overall comfort.

  • Basement Insulation

    Go into your basement and place your hand on the concrete; you will likely feel cold being conducted through the wall which impacts your entire home’s temperature. Basements are a major area where home builders skip out on insulation which can be costly from a utilities perspective and create uncomfortable temperatures. Closed cell spray foam works exceptionally well in basements since it can be applied directly to concrete, block, or rock walls.

  • Commercial Insulation

    Many architects have been recommending spray foam as the superior option for commercial building insulation for years now. Spray foam insulation in a commercial building is a cost-effective choice since it acts as a three-in-one solution for insulation, air barrier, and drainage plain. If you’re considering various insulation types for either a new build or existing structure, we strongly recommend you consider spray foam insulation.

  • Crawlspace Insulation

    Historically, crawlspaces were always difficult areas to insulate and served as a prime space for moisture to enter the house and grow dangerous mold. Spray foam insulation uniquely solves the challenges of insulating crawlspaces yielding warmer floors, reduced chance for mold, and a more comfortable home with lower utility costs.

  • Fireproofing

    Fireproofing is a critical element to protect your commercial or residential building. KC Spray Foam & Coatings, LLC is specialized in both Spray-Applied Fire Resistive Materials (SFRM) and Intumescent Fire Resistive Materials (IFRM). We provide free quotes for fireproofing services, and we are also authorized to perform building code required fireproofing inspections.

  • Garage Insulation

    Insulating the garage is one of the most commonly skipped items by home builders as they attempt to cut costs. However, a lack of garage insulation ends up costing the homeowner both in terms of negatively affecting other rooms located adjacent to or directly above the garage, as well as reduced overall comfort of the occupants.

  • Pole Barn Insulation

    Pole barns are typically very difficult to insulate with traditional insulative materials like fiberglass insulation. Spray foam insulation, both open-cell and closed cell, performs exceptionally well in pole barns due to its ease of installation and advanced insulative properties which bring various additional benefits.

Free Quote for Your Next Spray Foam Insulation Project

Whether you are looking to insulate your attic or a pole barn, or perhaps you just need fireproofing for your commercial building, we are here to help! Our team of expert spray foam installers and building science professionals can help you select the right type of spray foam for your unique requirements and budget. Contact us today for a free quote on your next insulation project.

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