Closed Cell Spray Foam

Closed Cell Spray Foam Insulation in Kansas City

Closed cell spray foam is one of the types of insulation we use at KC Spray Foam. The closed cell spray foam is rigid and is 2 pounds per cubic foot. In this process the blowing agent is trapped inside the closed cells which helps increase the R-value of the foam.

When the closed cell foam is sprayed, the two part liquid expands about 30 to 40 times itself in a matter of seconds. The general R-value for most closed cell foams are usually 6 to 7 per inch and can be used as a vapor retarder after 1.5 inches (depending on the manufacturers testing). The closed cell foam works great both indoors and outdoors and is also creates an air seal.

The Closed Cell spray foam is very hard and has a tensile strength of about 25 pounds per square inch. This can add some racking strength to structures, but remember it is not a structural material so don’t rely on it to hold your building up. For example, we use closed cell on our roof coatings, which adds great insulation and some protection.

How Well Does Closed Cell Spray Foam Work?

If you want to see how well Closed Cell spray foam works, take a look at the chart below. You can see that just 2 inches of Heatlok Soy200 closed cell spray foam stops 94.4% of heat loss. This means that if you had your furnace set at 68 degrees and it was 28 degrees outside, then if you had 2 inches of Heatlok Soy200 would stop over 94% of the heat loss in your walls. The closed cell’s air sealing capabilities and the thermal performance is quite impressive. You can also tell from the chart that you do not gain a lot of performance by a higher thickness, so depending on your application applying closed cell spray foam thicker may not be cost effective.

At KC Spray Foam, we offer reasonable spray foam insulation costs for the residents of Kansas and Missouri. We can provide you with both commercial and residential spray polyurethane foam in Kansas City and the surrounding area. Give us a call today to get started with your free quote!


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