• Pole Barn Spray Foam Insulation

    Pole Barn Spray Foam Insulation

person applying spray foam to pole barn ceilingPole barns, post-framed buildings, or metal-framed buildings have always been a difficult area to insulate - that is until pole barn insulation came along. Pole barn insulation includes the use of either open-cell spray foam insulation or closed-cell spray foam insulation. By using spray foam insulation, our KC Spray Foam & Coatings’ insulation experts can effectively and efficiently insulate your pole barn, post-framed building, or metal-framed building.

Why You Should Insulate Your Pole Barn

Most pole barn buildings have metal sheeting that has an overlap every three feet. The overlap allows for air to pass into the building easily, creating a cold draft in the winter and a warm draft in the summer. Sealing the pole barn up with spray foam insulation keeps the air or wind from getting into the building.

Pole barns made of metal are known for conducting outdoor temperature quite easily and quickly. Metal pole barns are also known for having condensation on the roof’s underside. When warm, moist air rises within the pole barn and hits the cold metal surface of the barn, condensation forms. Condensation will start to drip on you and the contents of your building, which could include livestock, farm equipment, vehicles, valuables, and more. Besides being quite annoying, this condensation can oxidize your farm equipment, vehicles, and valuables. Depending on your roof type, in extreme cases it may also cause your roof to rust, which could result in a costly pole barn roof replacement.

At KC Spray Foam & Coatings, LLC, our insulation specialists install spray foam insulation on the roof’s underside to keep your roof’s metal surface warm, which ultimately prevents condensation from forming. An example of this is a plastic soda cup and a foam soda cup from a convenience store. If you fill up both cups with soda and ice and place them outside during the summer, which one gets condensation on the outside of the cup? The plastic cup, of course!

Besides preventing condensation within your pole barn, spray foam insulation can provide various other benefits to an owner. Whether you are looking to prevent condensation, protect your animals or livestock, increase feed conversion efficiency, reduce your energy bill, or avoid damage to your farm equipment, KC Spray Foam & Coatings’ insulation technicians can help you through our pole barn insulation.

Five Advantages of Pole Barn Spray Foam Insulation

FAQs About Pole Barn Spray Foam Insulation

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