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Why R-Value Alone Doesn’t Matter: Spray Foam Kansas City

Spray foam Kansas City

If you’re looking at insulation for your home or building, you have likely heard product comparisons in terms of R-value – the conductive heat flow resistance of the material. This measurement is made using the guarded hotbox apparatus (see photos), a test procedure that measures the thermal conductivity of insulation material. One side of the material is heated to a specific temperature and after steady state heat flow has been reached, the temperature on the other side is measured. This measurement solely defines the conductive heat flow resistance of the material.

Once the R-value is determined, the heat flow through it can be calculated using Fourier’s Law, an equation that calculates the benefit of increasing the thickness of any type of insulation as long as there is no air movement through it.

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Fall is officially here. Soon you’ll be switching from A/C to heat and this often gets folks thinking about heating costs. If you’ve seen the Farmer’s Almanac winter predictions, we might be in for a really cold season ahead. If you’re in the process of building a home or business or getting ready for a remodel, we hope you’ll consider the benefits of spray foam insulation.

We’ll be the first to tell you, spray foam is more expensive than traditional insulation methods like fiberglass or cellulose in initial cost, but the investment in this product will begin paying off right away in reduced energy costs and really is a lower cost product when looking at the life cycle on the project. The amount of savings depends on a variety of factors, including your building design, HVAC usage, etc., but industry experts will tell you the savings will be up to 50%. You will certainly be more comfortable in your building.

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Leave the Science to Us

Credit:  U.S. EPA

There’s a science to everything. At KC Spray Foam we pride ourselves on having a solid understanding of building science. We rely on this knowledge of how building systems – like insulation, an HVAC system, etc. – work together to optimize building performance.

Credit: U.S. EPA

When you’re building or remodeling a home or business, you have plenty of decisions to make. That’s why it’s so important to select contractors you trust as experts to provide the best solutions for your needs. All of our employees participate in an extensive 32-point training – including an entire section focused on building science. They are well-educated in the science of building applications to know which spray foam insulation is right for you.

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How a Roof Coating Could Benefit You


Roof Coatings Kansas City

In addition to closed cell and open cell spray foam, the experienced team here at KC Spray Foam also offers professional roof coating services. Roof coatings are a seamless solution to all of your roof leakage problems. We use a polyurea and closed cell roofing spray foam that works well on both flat and sloped ceilings commercial roofs. KC Spray Foam contractors are the roof coatings Kansas City experts that will help keep your commerical building nice and dry.

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Open Cell and Closed Cell Spray Foam

Because of its high efficiency, spray foam has become more popular in recent years. KC Spray Foam offers both major types of polyurethane spray foam - open cell and closed cell. While both open cell and closed cell spray foams are great choices, there are some key differences between the two.

Open Cell Spray Foam Kansas City

This low density spray foam is 1/2 pound per cubic foot, water blown and much more sponge-like in appearance than closed cell spray foam. Because the cells are open, it works by trapping the air inside the foam which insulates the air seal. This is a very good barrier against air and sound, but does not provide much protection against water vapor. For this reason, open cell spray foam is recommended for indoor use only.

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