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Roof Coating Warranties Explained

Roof Coating Warranties Explained

Having been in the roof coating business for many years, we often get asked about what kind of warranty we offer. I thought I would explain a few things about warranties. There are a few different types of warranties available for roof coating systems. The two most common types include a material warranty and a labor warranty.

Material Warranty

A material warranty is usually given by the manufacturer of the roof coating material. It generally covers the material itself for defects (but not necessarily for leaks in the roof after the roof coating is installed or the labor to fix or replace the material). These warranties usually come with a limited time frame and of course have many exclusions within them.

Labor Warranty

The next type of warranty is a labor warranty. This will generally cover the labor to fix any problems with the material itself. Sometimes this is given by the manufacturer or the contractor who installed the roof. No warranty covers damage of items inside the building. Most roof coating manufacturers will not give a warranty on any commercial roof smaller than 5000 square foot. Most charge for a material and labor warranty. It does not come free of charge or standard when you purchase the material or the roof system when it is installed. Sometimes it is built into the cost of the system or it may be line itemed on the quote.

Prorated Warranties

Many roofs are prorated. The amount of what a roof coating manufacturer will cover decreases over the life of the roof warranty.

Good questions to ask when looking at roof coating systems would include who is actually responsible for the warranty: the contractor, the manufacturer, or a third party. There have been many manufacturers who claim to offer the warranty but it turns out to be an insurance company sponsored insurance plan.

As a consumer purchasing a roof coating system you should really be looking at who offers the warranty and if you have to use it, will that party still be around at the end of the warranty period? Do they have the resources to fulfill the warranty?

Keep in mind all warranties have many exclusions and requirements for them to be utilized. Just like we always say, there are no short cuts to doing it right. You have to do your homework on the contractor you are hiring. Or of course you could just call us and know you are dealing with a reputable roof coating company!

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