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Spray Foam Education

Spray Foam Education2013-09-20 13.02.28

After being in the spray foam insulation business for almost 10 years (completing thousands of projects in multiple states and under different code versions), I have come to learn that most of our customers we come in contact with have no idea regarding spray foam insulation. I’m not talking about spray foam just exists, but rather how it is installed, used correctly, and its benefits.

After answering more questions that I care to remember, I started speaking publicly about spray foam insulation and building science soon after I began in this business. Anytime a group, organization, or seminar would allow me to make a presentation I would. Now of course this was originally designed to further our marketing approach, but I quickly realized how little people knew about spray foam insulation. Many people had misconceptions about how spray foam would play into building science. Many people in the industry simply just didn’t (and still don’t) know their stuff and were constantly providing misinformation to clients.

Become Educated on Spray Foam Insulation

So here’s a standing offer: any time you would like a seasoned, trained, educated, and nationally recognized industry professional to do a presentation about spray foam insulation, I am ready to do so.

The following organizations benefit from my presentations:

  • Contractor Licensing / Continuing Education
  • Community College Courses in Construction
  • Rental Associations
  • Environmentally Green Groups
  • Utility Company Improvement / Rebate Programs
  • Realtor Lunch & Learns
  • Architect CEU’s Lunch & Learns
  • Home Owner Association Meetings

I think you get the idea. So what kind of things do my presentations include?

  • Two basic types of spray foam, open and closed cell
  • Properties of the two types
  • Uses (location)
  • Identifying a good spray foam contractor
  • Identifying properly installed spray foam
  • R-values, how they are determined and tested
  • 2013 IECC codes: Insulation and air barriers to meet code
  • Thermal & ignition barriers for spray foam insulation
  • Basic building science

I can tailor the presentation to the type of meeting and length anywhere from thirty minutes to over four hours. So why do I do these presentations? As a business owner in this industry, I consider myself a steward of the spray foam insulation industry. I think it is the responsibility of all the professionals in the industry to make sure the correct information is being put out.

So when you are planning your next meeting or seminar, give me a call!

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