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KC Spray Foam: Improving Comfort & Providing Sound Control

If you follow our blog, you have read our thoughts on the many benefits associated with urethane spray foam insulation – ranging from improving your home’s comfort to the added efficiency it can provide. It’s also worth noting you can expect to experience improved sound control when you insulate your home with KC Spray Foam!

We use Demilec’s SEALECTION 500 spray foam insulation to insulate, air seal and control sound in a single application. This is an effective way to reduce noise as you seal in comfort! In fact, one of the most overlooked features of open cell urethane foam is how quiet a home is after installation. Customers tell us on a regular basis they are surprised at how quiet the home is after we foam, and that it is one of the most impressive features!

Spray on Foam for Sound Control

When you think about areas of a home most in need of sound control, a few come to mind:  bedrooms, bathrooms, laundry rooms, home theatres and garages. We also do a lot of basement ceilings – this way noise from the lower level doesn’t disturb those upstairs. But, each homeowner has different sound control needs. We’ve even insulated a basketball court in the basement of a home! What rooms of your home could stand for insulation from noisy neighbors, motorcycles, loud cars, lawn mowers, thunderstorms, etc.?

Spray on insulation helps absorb sound waves at varying frequencies, and is a good alternative to soundproofing a ceiling. These benefits go beyond home structures. Metal buildings, such as farm shops, are very loud during a heavy rain. Spray on foam makes a big difference on this.

Spray foam insulation is also a good solution for sound control in apartments, hotels, town homes and condos. Surely, all of us has stayed in a room or lived in a situation where noise from a neighbor was a nuisance! Homes and buildings insulated with SEALECTION 500 spray foam enjoy the benefits of great sound control.

Similarly, KC Spray Foam insulation is effective for office buildings, between rooms. This extra insulation can prevent the distraction of noise from the next room in an office environment. Depending on needs, this can also be a step to protect private conversations and enhance security and confidentiality.

Sound Reduction Made Simple

Resilient channels in combination with urethane foam insulation can make sound reduction easy. Sound travels through air or vibration of solid materials, such as drywall attached to studs. The channels and spray foam reduce this. To get an idea of how to install resilient channels, as well as how they work to reduce sound, check out the video below:

Being familiar with the basic concepts of noise can help you during the design/building process, or in a retrofit application. When you think about how sound passes through gaps and cracks, and how it reverberates off surfaces, it’s easy to see how spray on foam can make a difference.

This brochure also has some good ideas on assemble design for sound control, starting on page 15. Of course each situation is different based on the building requirements and functionality. If you’re interested in learning more about how KC Spray Foam’s urethane spray foam insulation can improve the sound control in your building, give us a call anytime. We would be happy to help!

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