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Is Your House Too Tight? ERV/HRV Basics for Homeowners

We often get the question, “Won’t spray foam make my house too tight?” Our answer for this is to remember the saying, “Build them tight, ventilate them right.” In fact, most houses are not too tight – windows and doors leak plenty of air. Yes, urethane spray foam insulation will make your house tight, but that’s a good thing. We do recommend installing air-to-air exchangers (ERV or HRV) to allow stale air to be exchanged efficiently.

Even if you are using standard fiberglass insulation, it may be a good idea to add mechanical ventilation to your home for mold prevention. Controlled mechanical ventilation can improve indoor air quality.

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Spray Foam in your Home in Kansas City

Attic Spray Foam Solutions in Kansas City, Missouri

You can use Spray Foam all over your Iowa Home

Many people wonder where it is possible to use spray foam, and the answer is simple. Spray foam can be used in a variety of different situations and places. These places include:

  • Attic insulation
  • Basement insulation
  • Ceiling insulation
  • Crawlspace insulation
  • Garage insulation
  • Pipe insulation
  • Whole home insulation

These are all processes that can be used around the home or business. KC Spray Foam offers both residential and commercial services. For all your spray foam insulation needs, whether it be residential or commercial, make sure to call KC Spray Foam. But why would a home or business need these processes? Well, insulation is obviously important to a home or business, and good insulation can save you lots of money in the long run.

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New Investment Strategy Yields 423% Return: KC Spray Foam Insulation

KC Spray Foam Insulation

Investing in insulation from KC Spray Foam will pay off for years to come. In fact, you might be surprised at just how much it will pay back. To give you an idea of how an investment in spray on insulation may return, let’s run some numbers together via our Savings Calculator to determine the real spray foam cost.

First, we need to enter the Annual Cost for Energy with Fiberglass Insulation. This should be an easy answer, but the fact is most people have no idea what they spend on energy cost for a new home. While many people could tell you what it cost to fill their car with gas yesterday, there’s a good chance they couldn’t tell you their last heating bill cost. For this example, let’s use an average from a budgeting article on, and figure $264/month or $3,168/year.

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Crawl Space Insulation Benefits: Air Quality & Savings

Crawl Space Insulation KC Spray Foam

When you think about home insulation, your first thoughts are probably the insulation between your walls, ceiling and attic space. However, if you live in a home with a crawl space, this should be at the top of your list for insulation consideration! When crawl space insulation is properly applied, it will improve the comfort of your home and save you money on energy costs.

Improvements to Indoor Air Quality

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Whole Home and House Spray Foam Insulation in Kansas City


KC Spray Foam Has You Covered For All Areas of Your Home

Do you notice a spike in your utility bills? You may need to invest in spray foam insulation by KC Spray Foam. We use the latest insulation products, such as spray polyurethane foam, to enhance your home. Whether it is for new construction or renovation, our spray foam is a great investment because it lowers utility costs by sealing leaks. We can insulate different parts of your Kansas City area home to make your home more energy efficient. Its high R-value seals gaps and holes, making your home comfortable during hot and cold seasons. For high quality spray foam insulation, contact KC Spray Foam. We'll cover the whole areas of your home to protect your investment in Kansas City.

Your walls and attic aren't the only places to add spray foam insulation. Our team of professionals can apply it to many areas of your home, including:

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Ready to Get Started on Your Spray Foam Insulation Project?

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