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KC Spray Foam: Improving Comfort & Providing Sound Control

If you follow our blog, you have read our thoughts on the many benefits associated with urethane spray foam insulation – ranging from improving your home’s comfort to the added efficiency it can provide. It’s also worth noting you can expect to experience improved sound control when you insulate your home with KC Spray Foam!

We use Demilec’s SEALECTION 500 spray foam insulation to insulate, air seal and control sound in a single application. This is an effective way to reduce noise as you seal in comfort! In fact, one of the most overlooked features of open cell urethane foam is how quiet a home is after installation. Customers tell us on a regular basis they are surprised at how quiet the home is after we foam, and that it is one of the most impressive features!

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Roof Coatings Can Keep your Home or Business Cool This Summer in Kansas City


What is a Roof Coating?

Do you have a leaky roof? A leaky roof can be expensive to repair especially if you have water damage. Beyond that, it also produces hazardous conditions such as injuries and health related issues due to mold exposure. At KC Spray Foam, we offer roofing coating services for the residents in Kansas City. Roof coatings can seal leaks and create a barrier against moisture and water. It also insulates homes by keeping your attic cool during hot summers, and warm during cold winters.

Roof coating, offered by KC Spray Foam, consists of spray applied polyurea roof coating and a closed cell roofing spray foam. Both products can be used on flat or sloped commercial roofs.

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Reduce Stack Effect: Insulate with KC Spray Foam from the Top Down

If you live in a climate like Kansas City, where the difference between the indoor temperature and the outdoor temperature in winter months can be significant, you likely experience stack effect in your home. Stack effect is the movement of air in and out of your home driven by the difference in indoor/outdoor air density as a result of temperature and moisture differences. You’re paying for that because you’re losing heat, but KC Spray Foam’s spray on insulation can help correct this.

Since most homes are not totally sealed (think about potential holes:  electrical outlets, can lights, chimney, etc.), as cold air enters, the warmer indoor air rises up and escapes at the top of the home through ventilation openings or other leakage points – adding to your heat cost. Stack effect can also cause moisture problems, frosted windows, moisture freezing on your roof’s underside and mold growth. More dangerously, it can introduce radon gas, and backdraft gas appliances causing CO2 problems.

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Roof Coatings Kansas City: Storm Damage & SPF

Storm damaged roofs and spray foam

This is the busiest season for our roof coatings Kansas City business. Take a few minutes to watch the video above to see some of the practical benefits of a spray foam coated roof. While the Honeywell job featured was performed by another contractor in California, it does a good job demonstrating the benefits these systems provide.

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Benefits of Commercial Roof Coatings in Kansas City

Commerical roof coatings Kansas City

Repairing or replacing a commercial roof can be very expensive. If you’re facing repair or replacement, consider the benefits commercial roof coatings can provide for your application first. You’ll likely find you can save 50% or more and will end up with a better roof!

At KC Spray Foam, we offer two types of roof coatings – a spray applied polyurea roof coating and a closed cell roofing spray foam. Both products work well on flat or sloped commercial roofs. We use products from Volatile Free, Inc., the original manufacturer of Polyurea Hybrid Aluminum Elastomer Roof Coatings. Its VFI-730 Spray Foam and VFI-540 Spray Polyurea Hybrid Aluminum Elastomer Roof Coating form a superior, advanced monolithic roofing system that will encapsulate and protect your roof better than other roofing systems.

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