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Things You Might Not Think to Insulate

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Do you ever wonder why your energy bill is so high? You could be wasting thousands of dollars every year because of improper insulation. KC Spray Foam can insulate your home for optimal energy efficiency. We feature open and closed cell spray foams and polyurea roof coatings. At KC Spray Foam, we don't just insulate attics. We cover the entire house from top to bottom. We can also be your garage insulation Kansas City team. Our trained employees and quality products make us the best insulation team in your service area.

Crawl Space Insulation Kansas City

Is your crawl space ventilated? If your crawl space is unventilated, call KC Spray Foam to seal and insulate your crawl space. Insulating the walls, instead of the floors, can protect the pipes from freezing. Code and modern building science prefers this method. The crawl space must also have a air barrier. Let our professionals inspect your space. We can be your crawl space insulation Kansas City service team.

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Insulation Kansas City: The Truth Behind R-Values

Use Sealection500 to Improve Your Insulation Kansas City Efficiency

Insulating Your Kansas City Home

Insulation in your home is meant to stop the movement of heat. The more effective your insulation is at reducing heat flow, the lower you can expect your heating and cooling costs to be. You will often hear insulation efficacy discussed in terms of R-value, which is a measure of thermal resistance used in the building and construction industry. R-value is the reciprocal of U-factor. According to this concept, the higher the R-value is, the better the building insulation’s effectiveness.

This gets confusing because the concept might lead you to believe that more insulation is the best solution, when in fact there is a diminishing return on investment for increasing R-values. Remember, R-value only measures one of the factors that dictates how home insulation will perform. Heat moves in and out of buildings in four ways:  by conduction, convection, radiation and air infiltration. R-value is only related to conduction and does not address these other forms of movement.

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Is Spray Foam Right For My Kansas City Home?

spray foam Kansas city

Spray Foam in Your Kansas City Home

Insulation is an important part of every home and building. New technology has been developed over the years to meet the growing demand for energy efficiency. KC Spray Foam has the best products used in the industry along with the experts to do it right. Choosing spray foam for your Kansas City home has many advantages. Our open cell and closed cell foams seal up areas where air gets through and gets into hard to reach irregular areas. These foams do more than what the traditional fiberglass insulation can do. Another advantage to installing spray foam is it will not be a source of food for mold to grow. This will keep the air quality of your home safer for you and your family. Spray foam can prevent pests from entering and nesting in the walls of your home. It won't be damaged by water and won't shrink over time. You will also notice a significant savings on your utility bills using spray foam insulation.

Types of Kansas City Spray Foam

KC Spray Foam uses both open and closed cell spray foams. Open cell spray foam is a semi-rigid 1/2 pound per cubic foot spray foam and is low density. It is designed to be used indoors only. Because the cells are open, it relies on the trapping of the air inside of the foam which then insulates the air seal. The blowing agent in open cell spray foam is water. There are no toxic gases released into the air using this process. This type of spray foam works for new construction, remodels, agricultural buildings and commercial buildings. This type of spray foam is not to be used outdoors.

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Spray Foam for Your Attic Insulation Kansas City: Why It’s a Good Idea to Have a Conditioned Attic Assembly

Sealection 500: Attic Insulation Kansas City

Most new homes have some kind of duct work or HVAC unit in the attic. What they are likely missing is proper insulation to maximize energy efficiency. If you have an unfinished attic, having it properly insulated could save you 10 to 50 percent on your heating bill. Efficiency is also improved in warmer months; a well-insulated attic will keep your home’s temperature stable, making it easier and less expensive to cool.

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Happy Holidays from KC Spray Foam

KC Spray Foam holiday message

As 2013 draws to a close and our one-year anniversary in Kansas City nears, we are proud of the strides our company has made in the market in a short time. We are grateful for your friendship, referrals and support, and look forward to working with you in KC for many years to come.

From our KC Spray Foam family to you and yours, we wish you a joyful holiday and all the best for 2014!!

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