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Commercial Roof Coatings in Kansas City

Consider Commercial Roof Coatings for your Kansas City Business

April showers bring … leaky roofs! Unfortunately this will be the case for some commercial roofs this spring. If you know your commercial roof is in need of repair, this is the time to fix those leaks! At KC Spray Foam, in addition to our spray foam insulation applications, we also provide roof coatings Kansas City. This is a spray applied polyurea roof coating and a closed cell roofing spray foam. Both products work well on flat or sloped commercial roofs.

How Roof Coatings Work

Polyurea is self-flashing and completely seals joints, seams and roof penetrations. With this technology, we can coat and protect your roof – saving you thousands in potential replacement cost. Most of the time the existing roof cover doesn’t even have to be torn off!

The product is very strong – it has 1,700 pound per square inch tensile strength and a 300% elongation rate. This is tough stuff. Watch the video below from our sister company and you’ll see it is water tight in less than 30 seconds!

Roof Coatings Protect

Our roof coating products work well for most flat or low sloped roofs and offer a 10- to 15-year life cycle. We use Volatile Free Inc.’s VFI-540 Aluminum Metal Roof Coating. It is a spray-applied polyurea hybrid aluminum roof coating. The suspended aluminum flakes in the product repel the sun’s heat, which translate into cooling cost savings for you! It has no VOCs and is a very safe product.

As a practical example, this article highlights how one Michigan school teamed with a local roofing company and Volatile Free Inc. to replace its 18-year-old, 80,000-sq.-ft., single-ply membrane, pitched-to-drain roof with the environmentally-friendly seamless polyurea roofing system.

Contact us today to learn how you can invest in your commercial roof now and save thousands in damage later!

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