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Your Energy Bill and Your Attic - How they Correlate

attic insulation in Kansas City

If you live in Kansas City, you probably are aware of the fluctuating temperatures, hot summers, and frigid winters. It can be difficult trying to keep your home cool during hot summer months. As a result, you may notice a spike in your cooling bill. If you are looking for solutions to save money and preserve energy, attic insulation is the key. Insulation is not a DIY project and should be installed by a professional. At KC Spray Foam our team of experts are highly trained and certified to identify the source of your air leaks and provide the best insulation for your home. We are based in Kansas City and provide insulation services for the surrounding areas.

Since 40% of air leaks occur in the attic, make sure you seal all air leaks. Water is insulation's culprit which causes mold and mildew growth, structural damage, wasted energy, and threatens the air quality of your home. Check for common holes in the ceiling that occur in the following:

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Roof Coatings Can Keep your Home or Business Cool This Summer in Kansas City


What is a Roof Coating?

Do you have a leaky roof? A leaky roof can be expensive to repair especially if you have water damage. Beyond that, it also produces hazardous conditions such as injuries and health related issues due to mold exposure. At KC Spray Foam, we offer roofing coating services for the residents in Kansas City. Roof coatings can seal leaks and create a barrier against moisture and water. It also insulates homes by keeping your attic cool during hot summers, and warm during cold winters.

Roof coating, offered by KC Spray Foam, consists of spray applied polyurea roof coating and a closed cell roofing spray foam. Both products can be used on flat or sloped commercial roofs.

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Insulating Your Metal Buildings - Spray Foam Is The Answer

metal building spray foam

Insulating Metal Buildings Using Spray Foam

Spray foam polyurethane can provide excellent insulation and weatherproofing for metal buildings. This type of spray foam forms an integral bond with metal building surfaces and conforms to irregular surface and provides an effective air seal. Spray foam can be applied to both the interior and exterior of metal buildings. This is the best method of insulating a metal building. The traditional fiberglas is not capable of providing a complete air seal or vapor barrier. During humid weather, metal buildings sweat. The moisture will damage the building and can create mold and mildew behind fiberglas insulation. For your metal building spray foam needs, contact KC Spray Foam.

The team at KC Spray Foam has the experience and products needed to insulate your metal buildings. Making sure the right method is used for insulating metal buildings is important. These buildings are susceptible to condensation created by outside temperatures. Sealection 500 and Heatlok Soy200 are ideal products to insulate metal buildings. These products are made by Demilec, the leading manufacturer of spray foam insulation.

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Commercial Spray Foam Insulation: Benefits Extend Beyond Home Applications

Commercial closed cell spray foam installation

Often times when people think of spray foam insulation, they are thinking about new home construction. However, much of the work we do at KC Spray Foam is for commercial applications. For these jobs, we primarily rely on Demilec’s Heatlok Soy 200 Plus closed cell spray foam to meet our customers’ insulation needs. The image above is from a job where we used the closed cell spray foam on the exterior of a commercial building. Siding or brick will be provided as the final finish to the building’s exterior.

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Happy Holidays from KC Spray Foam

KC Spray Foam holiday message

As 2013 draws to a close and our one-year anniversary in Kansas City nears, we are proud of the strides our company has made in the market in a short time. We are grateful for your friendship, referrals and support, and look forward to working with you in KC for many years to come.

From our KC Spray Foam family to you and yours, we wish you a joyful holiday and all the best for 2014!!

Is Spray Foam Right For My Kansas City Home?

spray foam Kansas city

Spray Foam in Your Kansas City Home

Insulation is an important part of every home and building. New technology has been developed over the years to meet the growing demand for energy efficiency. KC Spray Foam has the best products used in the industry along with the experts to do it right. Choosing spray foam for your Kansas City home has many advantages. Our open cell and closed cell foams seal up areas where air gets through and gets into hard to reach irregular areas. These foams do more than what the traditional fiberglass insulation can do. Another advantage to installing spray foam is it will not be a source of food for mold to grow. This will keep the air quality of your home safer for you and your family. Spray foam can prevent pests from entering and nesting in the walls of your home. It won't be damaged by water and won't shrink over time. You will also notice a significant savings on your utility bills using spray foam insulation.

Types of Kansas City Spray Foam

KC Spray Foam uses both open and closed cell spray foams. Open cell spray foam is a semi-rigid 1/2 pound per cubic foot spray foam and is low density. It is designed to be used indoors only. Because the cells are open, it relies on the trapping of the air inside of the foam which then insulates the air seal. The blowing agent in open cell spray foam is water. There are no toxic gases released into the air using this process. This type of spray foam works for new construction, remodels, agricultural buildings and commercial buildings. This type of spray foam is not to be used outdoors.

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Whole Home and House Spray Foam Insulation in Kansas City


KC Spray Foam Has You Covered For All Areas of Your Home

Do you notice a spike in your utility bills? You may need to invest in spray foam insulation by KC Spray Foam. We use the latest insulation products, such as spray polyurethane foam, to enhance your home. Whether it is for new construction or renovation, our spray foam is a great investment because it lowers utility costs by sealing leaks. We can insulate different parts of your Kansas City area home to make your home more energy efficient. Its high R-value seals gaps and holes, making your home comfortable during hot and cold seasons. For high quality spray foam insulation, contact KC Spray Foam. We'll cover the whole areas of your home to protect your investment in Kansas City.

Your walls and attic aren't the only places to add spray foam insulation. Our team of professionals can apply it to many areas of your home, including:

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Foam Insulation NOW can Save You Money This Winter

Crawl Space Insulation KC Spray Foam

How can Spray Foam in Your Kansas City Home Save you Big Money

A poorly insulated home makes heating and cooling a home even costlier. Older home are especially likely to be insulated with outdated, under-performing insulation. With the properinsulation, you can save hundred of dollars in energy costs.

Spray foam insulation has an ability than other types of insulation lacks - the ability to seal out air. Foam insulation has the highest R-value that all of the common insulation types on the market today. The R-value of a product refers to its ability to reduce heat transfer. The more efficient the insulation, the higher the R-value. Some of the other advantages of spray foam are:

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Digging Deeper: Comparing Spray Foam Estimates


Digging Deeper: Comparing Spray Foam Estimates

After surviving multiple home shows in the past month or so, we have settled down to a mountain of projects requesting bids for this upcoming year. Many of our prospective customers were wandering the aisles of the home show after asking questions, taking notes, and obtaining prices.

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Kansas City Metal Roofing and Spray Foam

metal roofing polyurethane insulation

Spray Foam is the Better Option for Metal Roofing

Metal roofing is a wonderful option when it comes to roofing. It is a long lasting material that will not deteriorate. Metal roofing has been known to last for 50 years. It has fantastic wind resistance and fire resistance capabilities. It is a light weight material which helps preserve the structural integrity of the structure. While metal roofing is more energy efficient than other types of roofing material, it is not perfect. There are two main problems with metal roofing; without proper insulation, it can easily transfer heat, and it also can build up condensation, which can cause mold, mildew, and sometimes rust. Luckily, if your metal roof is insulated with KC Spray Foam's polyurethane coating, neither of these problems will effect your metal roofing.

During the winter, without proper insulation, metal roofing can release heat out of the home and make the home much cooler. During the summer, again, without proper insulation, metal roofing will allow heat into the home, making it much warmer. With our polyurethane foam insulation, you will no longer have to worry about this inefficiency. Just an inch of coating will help almost completely eliminate these problems. It will also rid your metal roofing of condensation. With regular fiberglass insulation, condensation would ruin it. You would have to replace it often. Polyurethane is a waterproof material that will not be damaged, and that's if it even happens. Polyurethane should remove your worries about condensation. It also keeps pests and mold out. It fits into every nook and cranny, making it much more effective than fiberglass insulation.

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The Real Cost of a Leaking Commercial Roof: Risk Management

dollar sign

The Real Cost of a Leaking Commercial Roof: Risk Management

Property managers and building owners often know what it takes to replace a commercial roof. Costs range from as low as $3 per square foot to over $10 per square foot depending on the type of roof and if it needs removed and then replaced.

While that price per square foot can scare a property manager or building owner who may be trying to keep their investment property turning a profit, it can really scare them when they have large buildings. As an example, a 100,000 square foot facility (which isn’t too hard to find) would incur a cost of hundreds of thousands of dollars or even breaking half a million in cost.

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Customer Service: Subcontractors Chance to Shine

customer service

Customer Service: Subcontractors Chance to Shine

After recently changing my cell phone provider it came to my attention how bad Customer Service is in most industries (including construction and with subcontractors). When I called my old cell phone company to find out what the buyout was on my cell phone, I was immediately transferred to a “retention specialist.” After several minutes of questions of why I wanted to cancel my service, I finally got a buyout number. I told the “specialist” that I understood he was doing his job, but he got quite pushy with me. The first thing that came to my mind was that if he was an employee of my mine he would be retrained or let go.

This got me thinking of how we handle our current and future customers. What are we doing right and what can we do to change to improve ourselves?

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Where to use Spray Foam

benefits of attic spray foam insulation in kansas city

The Benefits of Spray Foam in Kansas City are Endless

Years ago, traditional fiberglass was only available in the insulation industry. Thanks to advancing technology, today many homeowners know have the option of using spray foam over fiberglass. Spray foam has become extremely popular due to its numerous benefits. Unlike fiberglass, spray foam creates an air barrier by sealing cracks and voids. At KC Spray Foam, we offer both closed and open cell spray foam to make your home more energy efficient and reduce your utility bills. Our spray foam can be applied in attics, ceilings, crawlspaces, garages, basements, and more. Our team of experts are trained and certified to determine the best insulation solution for your Kansas City home.

Attic Insulation

If you live in a warm climate, you probably know the struggles of maintaining a cool home. Cooling your home can become expensive. KC Spray offers the perfect solution so you can save money every month. We offer attic insulation by applying spray foam. First, our team of experts will locate any air leakage, then seal them. Common holes are usually found around vents, light fixtures, fans, and air ducts. By sealing voids and cracks, we can preserve air before spray foam installation. We offer both closed and open cell spray foam depending on your insulation needs. Open cell spray traps air inside its foam and creates an airtight seal. Closed cell uses a blowing agent, called hydrofluoro-carbon, to trap the blowing agent in the cells and provide insulation.

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Benefits of Commercial Roof Coatings in Kansas City

Commerical roof coatings Kansas City

Repairing or replacing a commercial roof can be very expensive. If you’re facing repair or replacement, consider the benefits commercial roof coatings can provide for your application first. You’ll likely find you can save 50% or more and will end up with a better roof!

At KC Spray Foam, we offer two types of roof coatings – a spray applied polyurea roof coating and a closed cell roofing spray foam. Both products work well on flat or sloped commercial roofs. We use products from Volatile Free, Inc., the original manufacturer of Polyurea Hybrid Aluminum Elastomer Roof Coatings. Its VFI-730 Spray Foam and VFI-540 Spray Polyurea Hybrid Aluminum Elastomer Roof Coating form a superior, advanced monolithic roofing system that will encapsulate and protect your roof better than other roofing systems.

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